Q: Why was Dr Haneef arrested?

A: He was arrested on suspicion of providing resources to a terrorist organisation.

Q: Where was Dr Haneef arrested?

A: He was arrested at Brisbane Airport on 2nd July 2007 while trying to board a flight to India to see his wife and newborn daughter, who had just been born by emergency caesarian-section.

Q: Why was Dr Haneef’s visa cancelled?

A: According to documentation from the Department of Immigration, Dr Haneef failed ‘the character test’ due to his alleged association with persons engaged in criminal activity. It is alleged that Dr Haneef had maintained instant messaging contact with one of the ‘persons of interest’ in the Glasgow airport bombing and that his most recent communication with this person concerned his newborn daughter, born to his wife in India a few days before he was arrested.

Q: Are any formal criminal charges pending against Dr Haneef?

A: No. Dr Haneef was originally charged with “recklessly providing resoures to a terrorist organisation”, however charges were dropped on 27th July 2007 after a review by Mr Damian Bugg of the DPP.

Q: Where is Dr Haneef currently?

A: At home in Bangalore, India with his family and friends after leaving Australia voluntarily. He was previously detained at Wolston Correctional Centre, Queensland prior to his charges being dropped.

Q: What are the implications of this case on Civil Liberties in Australia?

A: Kevin Andrews stated that he had legal advice that he could hold Dr Haneef to a higher standard of accountability than the courts were able to. As I understand it, this places him, as a minister, above the courts and allows him to invoke ministerial powers to overrule the courts should he so feel motivated.


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