Alleged links to…

August 2, 2007

…Sounds like someone wrote Al-Qaeda on an Indian police document that was written after Dr Haneef’s arrest in Australia.

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Andrews shows his true colours

August 1, 2007

With yesterdays revelation of the so-called ‘secret’ information that he felt was justification for his decision to revoke Dr Haneef’s visa, it dawned on me this morning that Mr Andrews has exercised a democractic right to choose – something that shows that he may have more in common with Dr Haneef than I had previously thought.

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Death of the Fair Go

July 29, 2007

This whole case boils now down to the fact that Dr Haneef has been denied the justice afforded to him by the Australian Legal System simply because of the opinion of a minister, who continues to slander and insult the honour of this man with impunity. For all our sakes I hope that Dr Haneef is able to sue Kevin Andrews for defamation.
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Andrews. Put up, or Shut up!

July 29, 2007

I’m posting this after having read statements from Kevin Andrews in the media saying, and I quote..

“The basis upon which Dr Haneef’s visa was cancelled remains vaild…”

“His lawyers indicated to my department … that he wanted to get out of Australia as soon as possible. If anything that rather heightens, rather than lessens, my suspicions.” 

Really Mr Andrews? So you say you have suspicions. Upon what evidence do you base your suspicions? Why does so much of the global community not share your opinion?

If you are not in possession of concrete facts about Dr Haneef that indicate knowing involvement in criminal activity, what right do you have to use your status as a Governement Minister to continue to sully a mans character by insinuating that every act they commit is surrounded in intriegue and suspicion.
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The growing mess of the Dr Haneef case…

July 22, 2007

The case surrounding Dr Haneef is becoming more of a mess each day. The media is quick to jump to conclusions without checking its facts and the Federal Government simply wants him deported and out of the way. In the meantime the object of this chaos is sitting in a maximum security cell at Wolston. For what? Giving a SIM card to a distant cousin? If the Federal police have any other evidence against him, why hasn’t he been charged with something more substantial? If the only contact Dr Haneef had with Sabile Ahmed for over a year was infrequent chats over instant messaging, how can he be expected to be aware of criminal activities that this guy was involved in? I regularly chat with people I don’t even know. How can I be expected to know what activities these people are involved in? Is this considered association?
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