Demand the resignation of Andrews

August 2, 2007

Please visit and sign the petition calling for Mr Kevin Andrews to resign from his position as Minister for Immigration and from his seat.

Enough is enough.


New Mailing list

July 22, 2007

A new mailing list has been created to assist with coordination of supporters for Dr Haneef. If you wish to show your support for Dr Haneef, please subscribe to this mailing list by visiting or sending a subscription request email.


The more members, the merrier!

Send a letter of encouragement to Dr Haneef

July 20, 2007

Dr Haneef has, by now, arrived in Bangalore and is safe with his friends and family there.

Information on his current address is not available.

It is possible that he can be reached through his lawyers:

331 George Street
Brisbane Queensland 4000

Dr Haneef is currently in the Wolston Correctional Centre, Queensland. Wolston is a maximum security prison housing 600 inmates. I believe that he is allowed visits from his laywers and possibly direct family members, but media and prison support organisations are excluded under the provisions of the 2005 Anti-Terrorism Act. Communications directly with Wolston have revealed that Dr Haneef is allowed to receive mail.He can be reached by sending a letter to:

Wolston Correctional Centre
Locked Bag 2000
QLD 4077

Contact Kevin Andrews

July 19, 2007

Contact Kevin Andrews, Minister for Immigration, and express your concern at the way that Dr Haneef has been treated.

Ask that Kevin Andrews reconsiders his decision to revoke the visas of Mohamed Haneef and Firdous Arshiya.