Dr Haneef on the way back to Bangalore

July 28, 2007

Dr Haneef left Australia earlier this evening for Bangalore with his lawyer Peter Russo. Immigration officials gave him the all-clear to leave earlier today. They did not, however, restore his visa. Kevin Andrews is still stubbornly hanging on to the same old line. Dr Haneef has not, however, been deported.
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Charges against Dr Haneef dropped, but deportation still a real possibility.

July 27, 2007

The charges against Dr Haneef have been dropped. Mick Keelty and Mr Bugg of the DPP have indicated that they will not be proceeding with the prosecution case against Dr Haneef. They did say, however, that the standard of proof that is needed for a satisfactory prosecution is quite different to that required by the Minister of Immigration in determining visa status under section 501 of the Migration Act.

 This means that deportation is still quite a significant possibility in the very short term.

Supporters and Friends of Dr Haneef – please do what you can to lobby Government to support Dr Haneef and ensure that his visa is restored. The temptation for the Government to wash their hands of him and simply deport him out of the way will be massive and the future implications for Dr Haneef’s freedom immeasureable.

 Dr Haneef and his family have clearly stated that they want to clear his name totally. Please help stop the deportation!


Melbourne Rally to support Dr Haneef – 4th August

July 25, 2007




Rally Saturday 4th August

1pm Victorian State Library

Corner Swanston and LaTrobe Sts



Civil Rights Defence 0407.856.628

Domestic and International day of protest – August 8th 2007

July 23, 2007

August 8th 2007 is being targeted as an international day of protest against the revocation of Dr Mohamed Haneef’s visa.

This day coincides with Dr Haneefs appeal to the Federal Government

Watch this space for updates and activities in your local area…