Summary of recent events

July 30, 2007

Over the weekend of 28-29th July 2007, the following happened:

  1. Charges against Dr Haneef were dropped.
  2. Kevin Andrews refused to reinstate Dr Haneef’s visa.
  3. Dr Haneef was given the all-clear to leave Australia
  4. Kevin Andrews again refused to reinstate Dr Haneef’s visa.
  5. Kevin Andrews insinuated that Dr Haneef’s desire to leave Australia was ‘suspicious’
  6. Dr Haneef left Australia and returned to Bangalore

As of 30th July, the story is still alive, despite attempts by the Government to hose it down.

With every new statement by Kevin Andrews, the hole he is digging for himself gets bigger…


Background to the case…

July 19, 2007

Dr Mohammad Haneef is a Senior House Officer, employed by the Gold Coast Health Service in Southport, Queensland, Australia. He was arrested on the 2nd July 2007 at Brisbane airport while attempting to board a plane to India to see his wife and newborn daughter. Dr Haneef was detained for the alleged offence of “providing support to a terrorist organisation” under the 2005 Anti-Terrorism Act. On 14th July 2007, Dr Haneef was formally charged with the offence of “intentionally providing┬áresources to a terrorist organisation, consisting of persons including Sabeel Ahmed and Kafeel Ahmed, being reckless as to whether the organisation was a terrorist organisation, contrary to section 102.7 Criminal Code Act 1995”. Sabeel Ahmed and Kafeel Ahmad are persons of interest relating to the recent bombing of Glasgow Airport and the attempted bombing of a nightclub in London.

Prior to coming to Australia, Dr Haneef had worked in a hospital in the UK with Dr Sabeel Ahmad and upon leaving the UK had given Sabeel Ahmad his mobile phone SIM card. The SIM card was later found in the car involved in the Glasgow bombing.

┬áSince being charged, Dr Haneef was granted bail by the presiding magistrate. Upon receiving bail, the Department of Immigration, (specifically the Minister for Immigration, Kevin Andrews MP) cancelled his visa on the grounds that he failed the ‘character test’.

┬áDr Haneef is currently residing in the Woolston Correctional Centre outside Brisbane while awaiting trial having declined to pay his bond surety and thereby avoiding a stay in the nearest immigration detention centre – most likely Villawood, near Sydney.