Actual evidence found of Dr Haneef’s complicity…

The Australian Feral Police are now investigating Dr Haneef’s complicity and involvement in various other events over the last few years after recent blog entries and comments surfaced implicating him in…

  • Recent Mississippi Bridge collapse,
  • Involvement in an occultist sect claiming credit for Hurricane Katrina
  • The disappearance of Harold Holt,
  • The assassination of John F. Kennedy and the subseqent shooting of Lee Harvey Oswold,
  • Eating Azaria Chamberlain, causing the Challenger and Columbia Shuttle disasters, rolling a cricket ball under Glen McGrath’s foot before the 2nd Ashes Test in 2005, writing Mark Latham’s Forests policy…

For more real evidence, please follow this link

If any readers of this article are aware of any other events, disasters etc Dr Haneef has been involved in, please post in the comments section below…


One Response to Actual evidence found of Dr Haneef’s complicity…

  1. Greg Naylor says:

    Some say he could actually be Osama Bin Ladin in disguise. After all, we have never seen a photo with both men at the same time

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