Death of the Fair Go

This whole case boils now down to the fact that Dr Haneef has been denied the justice afforded to him by the Australian Legal System simply because of the opinion of a minister, who continues to slander and insult the honour of this man with impunity. For all our sakes I hope that Dr Haneef is able to sue Kevin Andrews for defamation.

My own personal suspicions are that we are now living here in Australia under a regime where the rule of law can be subverted simply on the whim and opinion of a government minister. This is now a very dangerous situation we are all in and there is no doubt in my mind that the Australian community needs to unite to oppose this vigorously.

This isn’t simply an issue of the 2005 Australian Anti-Terrorism Act. Its more about how the law is generally used and the manner in which it is used by government to achieve its own ends.

The US did this with Gitmo. Australia, is predictably following suit.


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