SIM Placard

August 4, 2007

Here’s a placard shaped like a SIM calling for the deportation of Kevin Andrews…

Did I say deportation? Oops – meant to say resignation… I’m not meaning to imply that Andrews is either guilty or innocent – it doesn’t matter – right?


Haneef Factsheet

August 4, 2007

Here’s a factsheet that I hope you will find useful – I wrote it for a protest rally being held in Melbourne on 4th August 2007…

Hannef Case Factsheet

Actual evidence found of Dr Haneef’s complicity…

August 2, 2007

The Australian Feral Police are now investigating Dr Haneef’s complicity and involvement in various other events over the last few years after recent blog entries and comments surfaced implicating him in…

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Demand the resignation of Andrews

August 2, 2007

Please visit and sign the petition calling for Mr Kevin Andrews to resign from his position as Minister for Immigration and from his seat.

Enough is enough.

Alleged links to…

August 2, 2007

…Sounds like someone wrote Al-Qaeda on an Indian police document that was written after Dr Haneef’s arrest in Australia.

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Andrews shows his true colours

August 1, 2007

With yesterdays revelation of the so-called ‘secret’ information that he felt was justification for his decision to revoke Dr Haneef’s visa, it dawned on me this morning that Mr Andrews has exercised a democractic right to choose – something that shows that he may have more in common with Dr Haneef than I had previously thought.

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Summary of recent events

July 30, 2007

Over the weekend of 28-29th July 2007, the following happened:

  1. Charges against Dr Haneef were dropped.
  2. Kevin Andrews refused to reinstate Dr Haneef’s visa.
  3. Dr Haneef was given the all-clear to leave Australia
  4. Kevin Andrews again refused to reinstate Dr Haneef’s visa.
  5. Kevin Andrews insinuated that Dr Haneef’s desire to leave Australia was ‘suspicious’
  6. Dr Haneef left Australia and returned to Bangalore

As of 30th July, the story is still alive, despite attempts by the Government to hose it down.

With every new statement by Kevin Andrews, the hole he is digging for himself gets bigger…